Put on your favorite Southern Belle dress and say it with me!  Veranda. . .

The location of the Veranda makes it the perfect place to host your cocktail hour prior to your reception.  

The veranda itself is outside, but is attached to the main clubhouse. Food is served inside with additional seating for guests inside.  

The main clubhouse has seating for about 40 people while the veranda can hold an additional 100 guests using cocktail tables, plus round tables and chairs.

If desired, a bar can be set up outside (for a fee) or you can use the main clubhouse as the bar location. To make your cocktail hour truly unique, you might consider including miniature golf for you and your guests.  

Our miniature golf course is located adjacent to the veranda.

Cocktail Hour

Flat Fee $100

Use of Clubhouse Bar included

Cocktail Hour with Bar on Veranda

Flat Fee $200

*Plus Tax